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Jan 202018

We’re excited to announce that the 2018 show in our dining room will be Caleb Stone.  Opening reception is June 30th.

July 2017

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Aug 022015

Please join us on Saturday, July 15th from 4 – 6pm for the opening reception for Joan McPherson’s art.

Telephone Update

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May 052015

Hurray!! The phones work again! Thanks for your patience. I’ll try to have the phone with me today.

Phone service interrupted

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May 042015

Our phones are currently out of order.  We are working with Fairpoint to fix them, but in the meantime please contact us via email at theyew@midcoast.com.  Thanks!

2015 Workshops

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Apr 232015

Check out our updated 2015 workshop list including 3 art workshops by Phyllis Purves-Smith that are FREE to Trailing Yew guests!!!  Call the Trailing Yew office to sign up.

Happy 2015!!

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Jan 052015

Just to say Happy New Year to everyone! We just updated the site with our new rates and known workshops. Hope to see you in 2015!

2014 Workshops and Retreats!

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Mar 292014

We have just updated our website with some exciting new workshops and retreats for 2014!  Check out the retreats being offered throughout the summer by Monhegan Wellness!

21 February, 2014 21:23

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Feb 212014

It seems hard to believe that we open for the season in 3 months. We’ll begin our 2014 season on Friday, May 16th. Monday, October 6th will be closing day. I hope we see you all in 2014!

21 February, 2014 21:21

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Feb 212014

It seems hard to believe that we’ll be open in 3 months for the 2014 season. Official opening day is Friday, May 16th. We’ll end our year on MOnday, October 6th. Hope to see you all in 2014.

21 February, 2014 20:52

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Feb 212014

2014 dates and prices:
We open for the season on May 16th; and will close on October 6th.
Single occupancy is 145.00 per night
Double occupancy is 250.00 per night
As always, our prices include dinner, breakfast, taxes and gratuities.
Soon we’ll be posting the dates for Monhegan Wellness Retreats and the Art Workshops that are scheduled.