Art Workshops


Artists have been drawn to the rugged beauty of Monhegan for over 150 years.  The peaceful nature of the island combined with the picturesque landscape make Monhegan an ideal location to immerse yourself in your art.  Artist workshops have been taught on the island for over 100 years!

2017 workshops include:

Art Workshops:

June 10-17, 2017: Caleb Stone– 6 Day Outdoor oil and watercolor workshop.

2017 July 10-14: Phyllis Purves-Smith – FREE FOR TRAILING YEW GUESTS! How to Draw What you See. 4:30-6:00pm DAILY

Through demonstration and instruction, this workshop will teach Sighting Techniques, Theory of Perspective, Light Theory, and Color Theory; all of those Academic issues that enable you to be more creative in your work. The workshop is tailored for intermediate to advanced artists who wish to refine their drawing and painting skills

2017 July 17-21: Phyllis Purves-Smith – FREE FOSmith Swim BeachR TRAILING YEW GUESTS!!! Design and Composition.  4:30-6:00pm DAILY

This workshop will focus on how the eye moves through a composition, spatial organization, focal point and focal areas, theme and variation, and the language of Visual Communication. It is intended as a sequel to Week 1. References to images from the History of Art will be used as teaching aids

2017 July 24-28: Phyllis Purves-Smith – FREE FOR TRAILING YEW GUESTS!!!  Finding your Muse and Pursuing it.  4:30-6:00pm DAILY

This workshop enables practicing artists to refine their work with daily critiques and review of the Academic Issues covered in Week 1 & 2, where applicable.

September 9-16, 2017: Caleb Stone – 6 Day Outdoor oil and watercolor workshop.